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Frost Warning

It’s been snowing on and off the past couple days here in Duluth. Not like real snow. Just little flurries that will pop up for a couple minutes and then disappear. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I work in the Lawn and Garden department at Walmart. I work with live plants that are outside…

So snow and cold weather are seriously my worst enemy. We’ve been dealing with low temps at night for the past couple weeks but it finally got to the point there was a frost warning so we had to figure out how to cover everything. I didn’t even know the store had frost cloth. Let alone how to even begin to cover the 10 tables inside the fence, the 6 pallet tables outside the fence, two  shelves of vegetables, and all the shelves that line the sides of the fence. I told my manager he was going to have to help me if he wanted it done. I had never done it before and didn’t know where to even begin.

We had received a new shipment of flowers so we left those on the racks and brought them inside. Then we brought in all of the tropical plants that shouldn’t have been outside in the first place due to the weather we’ve been having. Then we brought in the best hanging baskets that we didn’t want to die as well as the A-frame that had hanging baskets on it.


Walmart Garden Center Frost Warning

Rolling racks of flowers.


Walmart Garden Center Frost Warning

So many pallets of tropical plants. There were eight all together.


Walmart Garden Center Frost Warning

Some of the hanging baskets we brought in from outside.

All of that was the easy part. Now we had to cover all of the outdoor plants with frost cloth. Our frost cloth comes on a giant roll and is basically just white fabric. Our tables are not set up properly to be covered in frost cloth. They are too long and too wide. If I had known this I would have set them up differently.

To cover the table the long way it takes two sheets of fabric because it’s just barely too narrow. To cover them the short way it takes three sheets of fabric because it’s just slightly too long to be taken care of with two.

The first night we used bags of dirt to hold the frost cloths down. It was awful. The second night I got a stapler and just stapled everything to everything. I don’t know if it was necessarily faster but it guaranteed that the cloths would stay put.

Walmart Garden Center Frost Warning

Covering all of the tables took forever.

It took four of us a little over two hours to cover and move everything. I knew we had a lot but I didn’t realize it was that much. We ran out of frost cloth and had to get tarps from the store to cover the last few tables on the parking lot. It was also super windy and kept snowing on us. So here’s hoping that winter is finally over and we can maybe get some summer and sunshine going on.

Walmart Garden Center Frost Warning

Snowing while we cover tables.


My Favorite Netflix Shows

I have a small Netflix and Hulu addiction. I am one of those people who can easily spend the whole day watching a tv series. The problem is there are only so many tv shows out there that are actually worth watching… and I’ve seen most of them. I watch a lot of weird shows. But I have a few genres that I just keep coming back to.

Cooking Competitions

Everything I know about cooking I have learned from a cooking competition show. My mother is a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables. So all I learned how to cook was potatoes and pizza (real pizza with yeast).  Hell’s Kitchen, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Great Food Truck Race, Master Chef, and Food Network Star are my favorites. Also Gordon

Hell’s Kitchen, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Great Food Truck Race, Master Chef, and Food Network Star are my favorites. Also Gordon Ramesy is my favorite. Seriously I love him in everything. I will watch pretty much any cooking competition.

Hell's Kitchen on Hulu Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix The Great Food Truck Race on Netflix Masterchef on HuluFood Network Star on Netflix

Solving Crimes

I really like shows about solving crimes. Not necessarily cop or detective shows. Sometimes they get a little stuffy and repetitive. I like it when they throw some humor in there. I like getting to know the characters and their personalities. So I guess these are the alternative to traditional cop shows. Leverage, Bones, Psych, Lie to Me, and Elementary.

Leverage on Netflix Bones on Netflix Psych on Netflix Lie to Me on NetflixElementary on Hulu

Half-Hour Comedies

Sometimes I just need a laugh and these ones are easy to watch. They really delve into the characters and their relationships. It’s so easy to just turn one of these on in the background while I’m doing something else. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and New Girl.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu How I Met Your Mother on Netflix The Office US on Netflix Parks and Recreation on Netflix New Girl on Netflix

Do you watch any of these? Do you have any recommendations on what I should watch? I’m running out of tv shows that I haven’t already seen.

Why I Write Every Single Day

I’ve been writing since middle school. Growing up was stressful and writing was my way to escape from it all. I didn’t write as much in college. It was easier to spend time hanging out with my friends or spend hours on Facebook or StumbleUpon.

I always had my hardbound journal. I wrote in it when I was sad or happy. My freshman year was a whirlwind of emotions. So I would write in the safety of my bunk bed cave (I hung curtains around my portion and wove fairy lights under the mattress of my roommate’s bed).

In October of  2010, my junior year of college, I discovered It was a super easy way to maintain a journal. All I had to do was write 750 words every single day. It kept a running total of how many days in a row I had written and I achieved badges for writing for a week and then for a month. I frequently missed days and I was a little sad about it but my life wasn’t particularly interesting. I skipped class a lot. I hung out with my friends a lot. I had a lot of feelings about the boy I was dating (spoiler, I married him). There were large chunks of time I didn’t use the site. I just forgot about it. Then I bought a laptop my senior year of college and tried to write regularly again. My longest streak to date is 100 days. I reached 100 the day before the anime convention I was going to which would have no internet. I had a smartphone and I could have continued but I chose not to. I chose to let it go.

I bought a new laptop a month and a half ago and I’ve gotten myself into the habit of writing every single day. I am currently on a 49 day streak. The difference between now and then is that I schedule my writing. As in, I have to get my writing done before I can watch tv. Then my writing usually leads to other productivity on the internet. Such as blogging.

I used to write whenever I felt like it. Usually before bed, recapping my day. This system is supposed to be used in the morning. It’s based on the concept of “Morning Pages” after all (See Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way).

750 words seem like a small amount when you’re just talking about it but writing it is a different matter. The point of this exercise is to push you out of your comfort zone. I can usually reach 400 words without any trouble and then I start running out of things to talk about. This allows me to delve deeper into my feelings about whatever I’m writing about. I use journaling as my way to talk myself through things that are stressing me out. I get a lot of anxiety about things and getting it written down gets it out of my head.

I use journaling as my way to talk myself through things that are stressing me out. I get a lot of anxiety about things and getting it written down gets it out of my head. As a writer, this system really works for me. It gets the junk out of my brain and allows me to focus on what I really want to write about. It’s supposed to be good for people who aren’t writers too.

Want to learn more about how you can get in the habit of writing every day? Check out my article “How to get in the Habit of Writing Every Single Day.”

Leave me a comment about how you journal and why. I’d love to hear about it.




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