Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Twentysomething Something

My friend Laura from high school started a blog called Twentysomething Something. She is a brilliant writer and I'm really glad she started this blog and is showing off her skills. There was a rough patch in 11th grade where we had a terrible English teacher who almost made her want to quit writing.

She stared this blog about people in their twenties. It's a showcase and a collage featuring people from different backgrounds doing different things. It's very neat.

She asked me for an interview and I agreed, why not. I feel like I'm not doing anything particularly important with my life but I am also fumbling through it so I figured I qualified.

Anyway, if you want to check out the article about me you can find it here. The other girls she has interviewed so far also have amazing stories.

She's also looking for more people to interview so if you're interested in opening up to a complete stranger just click the contact link at the top of the page on her blog. She's wonderful and super easy to talk to. I hope you check it out.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing Equals Cookies

I made a deal with myself. If I write a blog post I get to bake some of the cookies hanging out in my freezer. I know it's not the best deal because I am trying to eat better but hey, I get cookies and a blog post gets written.

I'm also kind of bored right now. I know I should be working on stuff but I'm just not feeling it and I know that's not an excuse.

I write journal entries on a website called www.750words.com. I'm on a 57 day streak. I'm very proud of that and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

I just got a new smart phone. The super fancy iPhone 5c. It's bright pink and I bought a bright pink Otter Box case to go with it because if that thing breaks I'm going to be so mad. So I've been having fun with that.

I don't do much else. I spend my time working, hiding in my apartment, and going to the YMCA to use their treadmills and track (also they have cable).

So that's my life, maybe I'll manage to bribe myself to write a little more often.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fiction Writers on the Internet

I just joined the website WeBook.com. I found it when I was sorting through some of my old likes on StumbleUpon. I had saved it a couple years ago and never went back. I guess it's a good thing though because I guess it went through a lot of trouble and some bad owners. But it's up and running again.

Anway, it's a website where people can submit their writing. Other readers judge the first page of a manuscript and rate it. If it gets enough good ratings it moves to the second round where readers judge five pages, and from there fifty pages. It's a community that tries to circumvent the traditional publishing model by going for what readers want, not what publishers or agents want. Seems cool.

I've rated about 50 items. Mostly fiction in the young adult and teen categories, some science fiction, and some short stories and poetry. Most of it is garbage full of rookie mistakes. I know that I'm being overly critical because I went to school for this sort of thing, but seriously, have these people never read a book and looked for what works. You can't start a book with a page of description about the rising sun or a "youth" smoking a cigarette "inhaling poison and exhaling years of his life." It just makes me so angry. No wonder so many garbage books these days get published, some people don't know how to write.

Sorry, I also just read Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's a terrible book that I bought from Walmart's bargain bin. $3.48 was too much to pay for that garbage and I'm trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

I need to start writing regularly again. At least I think to edit my stuff before posting it online.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pintester Movement

I follow Sonja Foust over at Pintester.com she tests Pinterest pins and then posts about them. Some of them work and some of them don't. She started this thing called "The Pintester Movement." She's trying to get other people to actually do Pinterest pins instead of just looking at them.

Last week I was helping my friend Sam make curtains for her new apartment. Then her boyfriend had to go to work so we put that project on hold. We needed him to draw out some of the patterns we're going to put on the curtain.

We were looking through Pinterest trying to figure out something to do and maybe think of something to make for the Pinterest Movement. She's been wanting to make nerdy stuff with Perler beads for a while now so we went to Walmart and picked some up.

While we were at Walmart I remembered another project I saw on Pinterest that I've been wanting to do. I've been wanting to make a dress form from duct tape. So we threw some duct tape in the cart.

As we went through the food section to get some parchment paper to use with our Perler beads. We decided we should come up with something to eat. Sam pulled out her phone and we looked through her food pin board. We decided on baked potatoes and a fruit salad.

The dress form tutorial came from Natasha over at  Little Pink Monster.
DIY Dress Form from Little Pink Monster
Duct Tape Dress form on Sam. 
The instructions were pretty easy to follow and it turned out pretty well. We don't have newspapers so we didn't have anything to stuff it with so it's probably going to sit around until we can find enough stuff to fill it with.

Dress Form. Yay. 
Just sort of flat until we can find stuff to fill it.
Then we were tired of the dress form so we decided to wait on making mine and decided to make the fruit salad. It came from Food.com. We decided against pineapple, bananas, and blueberries and added in apples and mango. I also drained the can of peaches we used so our "sauce" was a little thicker. It was super delicious though and I will definitely make it again.
My Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad from Food.com
The perler beads weren't from anything in particular. We've seen people selling them at anime conventions and those were amazing. They're also practically everywhere on the internet. We made a snap decision to order a bunch of beads on amazon as well as some larger peg holders so we can make things that are larger than a 15x15 square. I've spent the last week sorting beads and making things. 

Making nerdy things with Perler beads.
Perler bead Pokeball. 
Pegboards and new beads!!
Floppy disc keychain my friend Em made.


Masterball and Pokeball.

Tardis from Doctor Who.

We also made baked potatoes to share with our boyfriends and my other roommate. He ended up eating pizza though. The recipe for these came from Sea Salt With Food. I forgot to photograph them in a pretty way so you just get an image of them upside down in tinfoil boats. I was really scared they were going to make a huge mess with the butter and oil so I put them in tinfoil. They were AMAZING. Definitely using this method instead of the normal baked potato method. 

It was a very successful day.
Hasselback potatoes from seasaltwithfood.com
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Working Toward a Healthier Me (Also I Made Sushi Today)

I recently got a membership to the YMCA. I'm not in college anymore and I need to lose the weight I've put on over the last five years. To be honest I actually gained most if it this last school year. I only had a couple classes and didn't really go out much. I also drank a lot more often because I lived off campus.

I'm an adult and it's summer time so changes had to happen. My roommate Chris got a YMCA membership too. Josh is in the process of quitting his second job which will leave his mornings open which means he has to get a membership too. Then we can all go work out together and get super healthy and in shape. Okay, I'm not really expecting us to all get super healthy and in shape but every little bit counts and every little bit helps.

I made myself a promise that if I drink I have to do a full hour on the elliptical the next time I work out. I had a few drinks with my friends on Wednesday night which mean today I had to do a full hour. Which I did. I'm so proud of myself. Actually I just wanted to see the end of "What Not to Wear." I caught it at the beginning of the episode and made myself see it out.
5 miles on the elliptical took me just over an hour
(it stared the cool down phase so it only says 13 seconds).
 Chris and I got home from the YMCA and made sushi because I've been craving it lately. It's just so fun and easy to make. It also gives me an excuse to eat a lot of avocados. I bought some seafood snackers to cut up and put in them. Raw fish scares me so I try to find alternatives to put in them. Josh doesn't like it if it's just vegetables. Walmart was out of cucumbers so most of them are just avocado, carrot, and seafood snackers. I also put some cream cheese in some of them with the seafood snackers. Best decision ever. But that might be because cream cheese is magical.
Sushi!! Chris and I made sushi as a reward for our workout. The blue plate is the ones I made for Josh.

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Monday, May 13, 2013


Today is my first Monday as a graduate. That's right. I finally manged to graduate from college. It took five years but I managed it. I now have a degree in Creative Writing. Yay! It's now summer and that means it's time for summer projects. It's nice to do things without feeling guilty about avoiding homework. This also means there should be a lot more blog posts.

Curtains!! So these are some curtains I made a while back. I'm pretty proud of them. It was just some cheap fabric I found, hemmed the edges and made a tube along the top  for my tension rod that is actually meant for shower curtains. It works pretty well if we can get it wedged in the window properly (that's why it's crooked).

But now that it's summer it's also time for the box fans to be a permanent fixture in our living room window, which doesn't work well with curtains. I had an easy solution. I would just cut a panel that would allow me to flip up the part that would normally be in front of the fan.

I also bought some sheer white fabric to put behind the curtain to allow the light in but to keep people from looking into our apartment (the window sits at ground level right next to the front door of the building). I doubled it over and used some sticky backed velcro attached to the fabric and the window frame.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Seaweed Anyone?

I found these in the Asian section at Walmart last week. The first one just reminded me of the seaweed I use for sushi. But the more sheets I ate the better they got. So I was very sad when I finished the package. I went to get more and they were all gone. I hope Walmart stocks some more soon.
Annie Chun's Roasted Seaweed Snacks: Sesame flavored

Yum, seaweed sheet.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweetheart Vox Box from Influenster

I discovered influenster from another blogger. It's a review website that, if you're lucky, will send you products to test and review. You need to fill out a survey to get invited to join but it seems that you just need to show you're interested in sharing your opinion and use multiple social networks. 

I signed up and couldn't figure the site out right away but I got it after a week and shortly afterwords they announced the Sweetheart Vox Box for Valentine's. I qualified, took the survey, and got approved to get the Vox Box. So here it is, all sorts of magical things. 
Sweetheart Vox Box courtesy of influenster.

Here are the products I recieved to test:

Olay® Fresh Effects Powered Contour Cleansing System
Secret Clinical Strength deodorant
Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (Super excited about this one)
SkinnyGirl Daily On-the-Go Bar

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Library, Museum, or Zoo?

If you were forced to spend the rest of your life in a library,
a museum or a zoo, which would you choose and why?
One of my friends shared this on facebook this morning. My friend chose Zoo. I chose library. I could start at one end and work my way through all of the books. By the time I had read them all I could start over the books would feel like new again.

Which would you choose and why.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day (Put Chocolate on Things)

I was busy for pretty much all of Valentine's day so I wasn't planning on doing anything with Josh. We had both bought each other things so it really wasn't a big deal. We can go on a date anytime so it wasn't important to have one on February 14. Suzannah had the idea that we should put chocolate on things. Everyone agreed and that became the plan.

We all brought things we wanted to put chocolate on and we used Suzannah's personal crockpot to heat up the chocolate. It worked really well. We had pretzels, chips, fruit, cheese, french fries, and popcorn chicken. We watched the movie Pitch Perfect and it was a fun night. 

Valentine's Day spread. 
Suzannah made cards for everyone that were themed for their preferences. I got a Doctor Who one. Jess got a Daily Grace one Josh got one with no relation to Valentine's (because he doesn't like Valentine's Day). 

Daleks will exterminate you.
No matter how much you love them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lunch Date

I was bored after class and decide to take myself on a lunch date to Arbys. I'm not a huge Arbys fan but I like their curly fries and their chicken sandwiches aren't terrible. Also it's located between the school and my apartment.

I made some rules for myself. No cell phone, no iPod. Just me and my lunch. I decided to try different dipping sauces for my fries, because they had a lot of choices. There's normal ketchup. Some spicy sauce that reminds me of the hot sauce they have at Famous Daves (or at least I think that's where I remember it from), and some honey mustard. I'm not a huge fan of honey mustard even though Josh makes me keep trying it. This one wasn't too bad and I ended up eating more of that than ketchup. I'm proud of myself.

It was a fun date. I'll have to do it again sometime.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plowing the Parking Lot

After it snows a certain amount everyone in my building has to move their car out of the lot so it can get plowed. This means I need to move my bug. Last time we were able to just push it, but this time it was parked in a couple inches of ice. Luckily I still had my tow rope so we just hooked it up and Josh pulled it out of the ice and we pushed it into a parking spot along the side of the road.

Louis parked on the side of the road. 

Where the front tire was stuck in the ice. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Marshall "Blizzard"

It started out as an average Minnesota snowfall. Everyone on facebook was freaking out and saying school should get cancelled for Monday and this is all I saw outside the window of my apartment. 
Outside my apartment at 8:34 am.
 We did get more snow as the day wore on and I was not super thrilled about having to go to work.
Outside my apartment at 11:07 am. 

Outside my apartment at 1:33 pm.
 I went to work like a good employee. I even made it home on my lunch break even though I should have just stayed there. But coming home at 11:30 at night was a different story. I took the highway like I always do but was unable to make the turn off it. I figured I could keep going and take the next turn, no such luck. I fished-tailed for quite a bit before spinning into the ditch.

Stuck in the ditch at 11:36 pm.
I had the snow shovel with me and tried to dig the car out but it was too far in the ditch, and as we've seen before Josh's car is not a fan of the snow. So I called him and Chris to come help me but we couldn't get it out. So we just left it there for the night. 

I then paid $120 to get it towed out this morning. Next time I'm just going to pay a bunch of my friends to get it out. If I paid ten of my friends $10 it would still be cheaper and we would definitely be able to get it out. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Yep, That's My Face

I don't wear makeup very often. My mother never wore makeup and so I never learned. I'm slowly figuring it out. But I came to a conclusion yesterday. I'm really only ever willing to wear makeup if my hair looks nice. If my hair doesn't look nice then what's the point? So yeah. My hair looked nice so I put some makeup on. Not that you can tell in the pictures I took in my kitchen under a fluorescent light with my iPod but that's okay.

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Something Mushy

Josh and I made a deal for Valentine's day. (Because he hates it and I just like candy wrapped in pink). Each of us spends $20 on the other person for whatever they want. He chose a Skyrim expansion... or something and I had him buy me flowers and chocolate. I think it's a pretty good deal. I'm happy with it.

Also the place he got the flowers from said they came with a free card. He didn't know what to write on it and the lady working there told him he should probably write something mushy. So he told her to write that. "Something mushy." Pretty funny.

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