Friday, March 13, 2015

What is that?

"What is that?"
"It's a gate to cover their trashbins."

No. That's not what I was pointing to. Josh, Chris, and I have started taking long walks around downtown Duluth. We found this on our way back to our house. It appears to be a branch with a bunch of fake birds glued to it. I have no idea. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cards Against Humanity

Josh decided we needed to have a house bonding night and I had a brand new Cards Against Humanity (and expansion one) to play. So we all had some drinks and some terrible things happened. I ended up winning because I'm the most terrible. Woo?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Resting B**** Face

"You need a better smile and a better attitude." 

I was actually having a very pleasant day and I was quite happy. But sometimes my face gets all blank like this and sometimes I think my smile looks weird so I don't smile as much. 

It's funny because she was mad at me because her card got declined. (It happens all the time and usually it's Walmart's fault but there's nothing we can do.) Then since she hadn't used a check there in so long I had to put in her license number and phone number. Some people get really upset when I have to put their phone number in the computer. 

It's one thing to criticize my work, it's another to criticize me. 

So I wished her a nice day and then promptly told all of my coworkers about it. 

Moral of the story: Be careful what you say and do because you might just turn into the workplace joke. Alternately if you are awesome to us we will brag about you endlessly. 

Resting Bitch Face at Walmart

Shoes, Why Are There So Many

There are so many shoes in my entryway right now. I live with three men. There weren't this many shoes when I lived with three women. 

Date Night at Applebees.

Josh has been making some resolutions to better himself so we went on a date night to get some couple time in. Applebees half-apps are one of our favorite because they're so cheap and long islands are so cheap and delicious.

So first we just sat and held hands and stared at each other. Because we're adorable and just super weird. I laughed first and lost. I started thinking about how silly we must look to everyone around us.

They had a bunch of new appetizers and we tried the Sriracha Shrimp which was good but not necessarily $10 good. 

I got long islands and chicken wonton tacos which were delicious as usual. Josh went for the beer pub pretzels even though they weren't half off. 

I'm not being paid for this post but I should be. 

Chicken Wonton Tacos at Applebees

Mango Long Island at Applebees.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fitger's Daycare in Duluth, MN

Did you know the Fitger's complex has daycare? Me either until I was wandering through and found it. Are you kidding me. What?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Skyline Drive

Josh took me up to the skyline drive because he wasn't feeling very good and didn't want to go for a full walk. Turns out people really like to throw stuff off this hill.

From a distance it looked like a tv on top of a mini fridge. Turns out it was on top of an open safe. How about that. We also found the top of a parking meter and considered taking it home with us but it was heavy and I didn't know what we would do with it so Josh threw it down the hill.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Date at Qdoba

Josh and I went to Qdoba for lunch because they had a buy one get one free deal on smothered burritos if you kissed someome. So we kissed and ate burritos. They were quite good. Also you can't go wrong with free guacamole. Though it was kind of hard to eat since you couldn't pick it up and eat it. I left a lot of the tortilla in the bowl.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Glasses vs. Contacts

Tattoo sleeves for Halloween at Walmart.
I got contacts this past week. I'm really liking them. It's got me thinking about my appearance. I first got glasses when I was thirteen. Almost everyone I knew had glasses before me and some were starting to get contacts. They've become part of my identity for the past 11 years. When I had to draw self portraits they would contain my glasses (I also really loved the shape of them).

The funny part is that when I would go to school dances or parties where I really wanted to "dress up" I would take my glasses off. I didn't wear makeup at that point, but in my mind it was prettier to not wear my glasses. I don't know if it was the fact that nearly everyone wore contacts once they got to high school. And when I would take "glamour shots" of my face I would always remove my glasses because I thought it looked nicer (also because glare, yuck).

Day 1 wearing contacts. Also I voted. 
Since I've moved to Duluth I've been wearing makeup pretty regularly when I go to work. I've been wanting to dress up, wear my large earrings and not look like a total slob and now that Walmart has upgraded their dress code it really makes me want to try harder with my appearance.

Wearing contacts the last couple days has been strange to me, it feels like my face is empty but I can still see well enough that I'm not trying to adjust the glasses that are not on my face (which is usually what happens if I'm not wearing them for some reason).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sewing Projects and Doctor Who

McCall's `M6800 Jacket Pattern
McCall's `M6800 Jacket Pattern
I keep meaning to make myself a new winter jacket. I finally found a style I liked and bought the pattern on the internet.

Then I bought some dark blue corduroy and held onto it for this entire last year. (It was supposed to be made for last winter.) I knew I wanted to make a TARDIS jacket but I was having a hard time figuring out what to use as the liner material. I wanted to get fabric with the police box sign printed on it but that would be very expensive and I didn't really want a white lining in my jacket anyway. So I waited. Finally I decided I should start working on it and since there is a Hancock Fabrics in Duluth I went to search for fabric. I took my sister Abbey with me and she found the perfect fabric.

It was kind of funny because when we took it to get cut the lady asked me what I was making. I told her it was the liner for a jacket and she immediately asked if it was a Doctor Who jacket. I told her it was and she got all excited. She said she gets worried when normal people buy it because it looks pretty timey-wimey and people will think of Doctor Who when they see it.
Timey-wimey Doctor Who Fabric
Timey-wimey Doctor Who Fabric

So I got the pattern all cut out and I decided to start with the liner because I was just so excited to get started. I got all the liner pieces cut out and labeled and all that. Then I went to start cutting the blue corduroy and I realize that it is not as wide as the pattern expects it to be, and because of this I do not have enough. So I'm laying it out every which way and no matter what it's not going to work.

Not enough fabric - Tardis Jacket
Not enough fabric. :(
Today I went all around town looking for a replacement fabric and I didn't find anything I liked. I found something kind of close at Hancock Fabrics. It was still a blue corduroy but it was not as thick as the one I had. So looks like I'm waiting again until I find what I want.

I will probably still make a jacket with what I have but it will have to be a shorter version of the jacket. I just wanted a long one to use with that liner fabric because it's so pretty and it's already cut out and that would be a huge waste of perfectly good fabric.

I'm going to look through what I have in my stash and see if I can find something that will make a good liner for the smaller jacket.