Like many people of my generation I’m not very good at adulting. I graduated high school right before they started to phase out Home Economics to focus more on Math and Science test scores. When I was in 8th grade they decided to test out a “life skills” class as punishment for those who didn’t want to take band or choir (heaven forbid we just get a study hall). The only thing I remember learning is how to balance a check book and organize my locker. I no longer have a checkbook or a locker…

I love my mom but sometimes she’s not so great at adulting either. She makes impulse purchases when she’s shopping and she doesn’t like to make phone calls.

For example, I never learned the “right” way to do laundry. What does water temperature mean? Why do you sort by color? What is fabric softener? (The only thing I do know is not to overload the washer, at least I learned something.)

Most of my cooking skills I’ve learned from watching cooking competitions on tv and I get all of my recipes from pinterest. My mom is a picky eater and she likes to eat bland boring food. My step-dad was a meat and potatoes sort of guy and he always overcooked the meat.

So yeah, I’m embarrassed by the amount of things I have to Google before I do them. But I might as well put that googling to good use by sharing what I find. So that hopefully it is easier to find for the next person.

This blog is for those transitioning into adulthood. For some people that is moving out of their parent’s house at 16. For some it’s when they graduate high school and join the work force, or go away to college, or get their first apartment, or decide to get engaged, or get married, or have kids. For some it’s even later in life.

Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to be stuffy and boring. It’s learning to be safe, to pay your bills on time, host parties for your friends and family, keep your home clean and organized, take care of your health, and cook amazing food… among other things.

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