Appetizers for Dinner – Valentines Day

My husband and I aren’t the most lovey-dovey people. We spend most of our time in separate rooms on the internet and we yell back and forth to each other and send each other memes over facebook messenger. We’ve been married for a year and a half and we’ve been together for almost 7 years now (wow). 

We have our couple time, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I force him to go outside with me on walks and he forces me to play board/video games that I ultimately end up liking even though I can’t admit it to him. 

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We also watch a lot of tv. So much Netflix and Hulu. (If you sign up using this link you get two weeks of Free Hulu and I’ll receive a $10 gift card for referring you. Win win.) No but seriously, who needs cable when you have the internet. We use a Google Chromecast and it’s amazing. We use our cell phones as remotes and either of us can control the tv no matter who started the show or episode. 

So for Valentines Day (we celebrated on the 13th due to work) we decided to watch Finding Dory. Ahhhh, the feels. So many emotions. 

We also made too much food for just the two of us. I like food, I like eating food. I like appetizer style foods because they’re delicious. So I ended up making three appetizers and zero entrees that probably would have comfortably fed 4-5 people. 

Why go out when you can make all of your bar at home and eat them on the couch.Bacon Beer Cheese Bread Bowl

I saw this video for a Bacon Beer Cheese Bread Bowl on facebook the other day and I knew we had to make it. One time we made fondue for Valentines and I’ve been wanting to do it again ever since. This seemed like an easy way to satisfy that. 

But really, how could you not want that. Walmart sells Italian loves that already have seasoning on the top so I just bought one of those so I could skip the other steps. It was amazing. I could not believe how good this thing tasted. We weren’t able to finish it all so we just wrapped the whole thing in foil and baked it for 20 minutes the next day and it was still just as good. I just cut up the bread bowl that still had a bit of cheese on it and we finished it off. But this is definitely a 4 person appetizer. It just gets too heavy and too salty if you try to eat too much of it. 

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

I love jalapeno poppers. I’m basically following this recipe here. Cut the jalapenos in half. Smear some cream cheese inside and wrap with half a slice of bacon (I find half a slice stays on fine without needing a toothpick). The jalapenos do ooze a lot of moisture so if you can bake these on a rack over your baking sheet or do it on a grill that’s going to keep your bacon crisp. I don’t have that so I just drained the pan about 3/4 of the way through the baking time.

I could have taken more pictures but it’s dark in my apartment and I just really wanted to eat everything. So maybe next time.

Twice Baked Bacon Potatoes

I love potatoes and I will eat them on their own for a lot of meals (that’s how I grew up.) I knew I wanted to try out some twice baked potatoes and I had some sour cream and cream cheese that I wanted to use up. I make mine super, super simple and this recipe is probably as close as I’m going to find checking the top pinterest results. 

I baked my potatoes for about 45 minutes. Then I scooped out the centers and combined it with way too much sour cream and cream cheese. I tossed in a little of my crumbled bacon from my beer cheese and a little shredded cheddar cheese because my husband is cheese obsessed. Filled the potatoes back up and baked them some more. I wasn’t really keeping track. I just left them in the oven while we finished the beer cheese and they stayed in the whole time that was cooking too. So a really long time. Worth it. They were so good. 

So what did you do for Valentines Day?

p.s. You don’t see any chocolate because I’m waiting until the 15th to buy it because I’m a cheapsake. But the waiting is so, so hard. 

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