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10 Things to Do With Your Hands Instead of Checking Your Phone

I normally go home for lunch and when I got back to work I realized I had left my phone at home. I had a minor moment of panic and realized I was being ridiculous. (I literally live one mile from my job so I could walk home if it came down to it.) I’m an obsessive facebook scroller. I only have like 80 facebook friends so I don’t know what I’m looking for. 

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10 Things to Do With Your Hands Instead of Checking Your Phone I’ve actually been trying to get off my phone a little more lately, while also completing some craft projects. So I recently finished a scarf that I’ve probably been working on for months because I keep forgetting about it. This got me thinking about other things I could be doing that aren’t checking my phone. 

  1. Read a real book
  2. Knit something
  3. Play solitaire with a real deck of cards
  4. Write a letter on real paper
  5. Color in a coloring book
  6. Do a sudoku puzzle on paper
  7. Origami ( I once folded 1000 paper cranes)
  8. Do a Rubix cube or block puzzles
  9. Play with a tangle or other fidget toy
  10. Complete a puzzle

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  1. I do simple jewelry by stringing beads. I am now also learning off-loom bead weaving. I can make a “Swarovski” – looking necklace and earrings for a fraction of the price buying less expensive Austrian crystals on amazon or eBay!

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