DIY Sugar Scrub

I tried something new today. I made my own sugar scrub. What is a sugar scrub? Well it’s sugar and you scrub yourself with it. 

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

I sort of forgot they existed until they started showing up in my pinterest feed due to my researching direct sales for my sister’s Facebook page for her Paparazzi Jewelry business. I’ve also been looking into essential oils and I think that’s what really triggered it. It’s apparently common to put essential oils in sugar scrubs. 

A long time ago I had friends who sold Mary Kay and they had a hand scrub and a lip scrub. Both make you feel magical. So I guess I just forgot about it. 

So, as a spur of the moment idea before I took a shower, I did a quick search for sugar scrub recipes on pinterest. I know the basic ratio is two parts sugar to one part oil and then you can add some other stuff in there. I found one that also recommended coffee grounds and a little vanilla extract. It gives it that fancy coffee drink smell. I love coffee so it seemed like a good idea. 

It looks really icky… and I forgot to take a picture anyway. But trust me on this one. 

One of the websites I looked at recommended soaking in the tub first and then scrubbing. I don’t have a plug for my bathtub so that was out. So I sort of just stood under the water for a bit then turned it off, scrubbed, and rinsed. This would also work if you just have a shower and no bathtub. 

Be very careful. The oil in this makes your shower slippery. I made sure I scrubbed it out afterward with dawn dish soap so my husband doesn’t hurt himself later today.

Also don’t get this stuff near your lady junk. If you did soak first make sure you drain your bathtub before getting any sugar in it. 

I feel amazing. I know it’s partially due to the fact that I’ve scrubbed the feeling out of my fingers and I’m also covered in a layer of oil but my skin does feel really good. I will probably skip the coffee grounds next time. The sugar dissolves in the water but the coffee grounds stay stuck in the oil and then they just get everywhere. So that’s maybe better for just a hand or foot scrub. 

You can find a ton of different “recipes” online or through Pinterest. 

Have you tried a sugar scrub? What did you think?

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