Setting Goals and Staying Accountable

I like to set goals at the beginning of each month. Like new year’s resolutions these are usually abandoned within the first week but a girl can dream right? You’re not imagining things. This post is coming at you for the beginning of February. We all deserve a second chance for those new year’s resolutions. 

The setting part of the goals is easy. Just decide you want to do something. Well, it’s a little harder if you want to be able to actually keep that goal. I’d love to give you all the secrets but as I’ve said I’m not really great at it either. Here’s what I do know.

Setting Goals and Staying Accountable for the New Year

Write Down Your Goals

You’re more likely to stick to your goals if you write them down and put them somewhere you can see them everyday. You can put them on your bathroom mirror, tape them to the refrigerator. Set daily notifications to pop up on your phone.

Make Your Goals Measurable

This is the one you always hear around the new year. But it’s true.
-Instead of “exercise more” make your goal “exercise two times each week” or even better “Follow [specific workout plan] two times a week.”
-Instead of “read more” try “read 20 pages every day.”

Scheduling and Prep

Schedule time for your goals. Do not let anyone encroach on this. If you schedule your workout and you have your gear ready to go it makes it a lot easier to go and do it. The prep work is a big part of this too. If you want to eat healthier then you need to prepare healthy food in your fridge to make it that much easier to reach for a healthy snack.


That brings me to my last point. Accountability. It helps if you tell some supportive people about your goal. You don’t have to tell everyone and you really shouldn’t tell anyone who is going to put you down or hinder your progress.

So here’s me being accountable.

These are some of my personal goals for this February.

Start Doing Yoga

This was one of my new year’s resoluations… sort of but I never got around to doing it. I have a lot of excuses mostly involving my work schedule. I’m following this video series (Yoga With Adriene – Revolution Series). She’s super chill and really makes yoga accessible for people who can’t necessarily do everything perfectly.

Digital Organization

I need to come up with a better system for dealing with my pictures and text documents. I’ve started taking a lot more pictures of things for my blog and I need a better way to store and organize them. I’ve killed a few computers in the past so I prefer to have things stored on flash drives and my external hard drive.

Make Photo Books

It’s way more fun to show people photos out of a photo book instead of on the computer. I want to try out some of those apps where you can print photos right from your phone and get them sent to you.

Meal Planning and Budgeting

I did pretty well in January. I only went over my budget a little bit. There’s still some fine tuning to do. Ideally I’d like to get to March and be able to plan the whole month.

Support My Husband

My husband just started steaming video games and I’m so proud of him. If he can gain a following he can potentially make money from it in the future, and isn’t that every gamer’s dream. 

Manage My Screen Time

I’m addicted to the internet. I check my phone when I wake up and I’m looking at it moments before I go to bed. I watch tv with my laptop in my lap. So for this next month I’m going to try to cut back. The biggest way is to turn off all screens at 8pm. I usually go to bed around 10. So I’m going to use this time for pen and paper writing, crafts, art, and reading from real books. 


Update: The only thing I managed to complete is supporting my husband. All of these other goals were forgotten by day 4. Oops. 

What are your tricks and tips for sticking to your goals?

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