The Kittens Top 10 Favorite Things About My Apartment

We’ve had Pumpkin and Spectre for  3 months now. They’re about 5 and a half months old. In a perfect world I would have a large house and large yard for them to play in. But right now all we have is a tiny apartment. They don’t seem to mind but they are getting curious about the outside world. They keep sneaking past us to get out into the hallway of our building. They have a lot of toys but their favorite things are mostly just stuff they find laying around.  
The Kittens Top 10 Favorite Things About My Apartment

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1. BestPet Cat Tree

This cat tree is by far their favorite thing in our apartment. 

This cat tree is by far the best purchase we have made for our kittens.

2. This Box With Holes in It

Before we got the cat tree I made them this box to jump in and out of. They love it and they still play with it. It’s adorable. There’s a hole cut in the front and another cut in the back. Sometimes they just take the shortcut through the top.Cut some holes in the side of a box and your cats will be happy for a long time.

3. The Top of the Television

This is a more recent favorite of Pumpkin’s. This tv is a little older so it gets pretty warm up there. No wonder she likes it so much. 

Cats are weird. Mine likes to sit on top of the tv.

4. My Wall of Paper Birds

I made 1000 paper cranes for my wedding. Spectre loves to bat them around and tear the birds from their string. 


5. The Pile of Plastic Bags in My Front Closet

My cats keep playing with this pile of bags in my front closet

6. This Drawer

They aren’t supposed to be on the counter but Pumpkin keeps opening this drawer anyway.

The Kittens Top 10 Favorite Things About My Apartment7. This Fuzzy Mouse

The one thing out of their Christmas stocking they actually liked. Well, Pumpkin likes it and she carries it around the apartment. 

The Kittens Top 10 Favorite Things About My Apartment8. My Memory Foam Pillow

I usually use it as a backrest on the couch but Spectre likes to sleep on it when he can.

Spectre really likes my memory foam pillow

9. This Blanket

When we first got them this was their favorite place to sleep and it still is. 

The Kittens Top 10 Favorite Things About My Apartment10. Candy Canes

They like to pick them up by the little bit of plastic at the end and carry them around. 

The Kittens Top 10 Favorite Things About My Apartment
So I’d say my kittens are pretty happy and they’re definitely spoiled. 

What unconventional toys do your cats like to play with?

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  1. I love how you’ve taken the time to post this adorable/funny kitty stuff! I have one cat named Layla. I call her “My 15-year-old Kitten!”.

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