Taking the Kittens on a Walk Outside

Josh and I are officially the weirdos in town who put leashes on our cats and take them for walks. 

It all started because every time we open the door Spectre tries to run out into the hallway. Every single time. He hears us come home and open the outer door of our building (which is right next to our window) and then runs over to the door to wait for us so he can try to escape. Well, it’s not so much escape as he’s just really curious about the rest of the building. 

I thought it would be a good idea to get them some harnesses and leashes so we could take them out without worrying about them getting away from us. During the summer the exterior doors on the apartment get left open and if the cats happen to get out I want them to be familiar with with the building so they don’t panic and run away. 

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I checked around on Amazon and found these ones from FunPet. They come in a bunch of colors and sizes. I measured the cats and bought an extra small for Pumpkin and a small for Spectre. The Small is a little too big for Spectre right now but I think he’ll grow a little more. I figured if nothing else then Pumpkin would fit into the small and I could get Spectre a bigger size in the future if I need to. Right now these cats seem to be staying pretty skinny and stretchy. Then I bought some small dog leashes in coordinating colors. 
I bought my cats harnesses so I could take them for walks.

So far they’ve been pretty chill about wearing the harnesses and they really like to play with the leashes, like they drag the around the apartment. Weirdos. So we’ve been letting them wear the harnesses around to get them used to it. So if you get a harness for your cat put them in it and then play with them. They’ll forget about it right away. 

I bought my cats harnesses so I could take them for walks.

So far Spectre has liked being outside. Though he gets pretty freaked out by cars. He’s really tentative and is confused by the wind. 

It turns out I only have one really blurry picture of Pumpkin in her harness so you’ll just have to use your imagination. I’ll post an update once we get them more used to it. Also Minnesota has decided that it will give us a little more snow before this winter is over. So it might be a little bit before I can take them out again. Well, Spectre anyway. 

Would you ever get a harness for your cat?

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