How to Make Your Own Meal Plan Magnets

Today I’m going to show you how to make your own customized magnets. It’s a lot simpler than you think. I’m making mine to use on my calendar to help me plan meals.

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My husband and I have really inconsistent schedules. This makes meal planning super difficult. I want to use those cute printables I find all over pinterest but none of them work for us. I recently posted about my calendar system and you may have noticed that I have a bunch of word magnets in the “notes” section. Those are my meal planning magnets. They’re still in the sidebar because I made them years ago and haven’t made any more since. 

Meal planning directly on the main calendar in the house lets my husband know what we’re having to eat and when. So he’ll stop asking me what I decided on for dinner. I don’t mind eating the same thing for dinner every night but my husband needs variety. (Really though, we’ve been having homemade pizza 2-3 times a week for about a month now and I’m not sick of it.)

Magnets give you the flexibility you need when meal planning around an inconsistent schedule.

How Meal Plan Magnets Came About

I decided to make the magnets back when I first moved in with Josh and our friends Jess and Chris. I grew up in a large family so it comes naturally to me to cook a large meal. This system let Jess and Chris know that if they wanted to share dinner with us they could. 

Chris had several magnets he had made out of magazine pages and I owned a bunch of poetry magnets (random words that you can use to form funny sentences). Thus meal plan magnets were born. 

You need to find some sheet magnets. I found the magnet sheets I used in the children’s craft section at Walmart. You can also find peel and stick magnet sheets on Amazon. It turns out that you can buy magnet sheets that you can put in your printer and print directly onto them. That would save you a lot of trouble. I only have the peel and stick kind. 

Design Your Magnets

All right. So open up a text document (I’m using Google Drive) and start typing up all of the meal names that you want to print. You could include side dishes, desserts, breakfast foods. Whatever you want.

Then you have to choose a font and size. I personally like good old Times New Roman. I couldn’t remember what size I used before so I did size 14 (it turns out I used size 12 for my last set of magnets. Oops). You may want to do a practice print to make sure the words are the sizes you want them to be. Or if your text editor has a ruler you can measure them out to fit your calendar.

You’ll want to add a couple extra spaces in between each word so that you have room to cut them out. You can add extra space between rows by doubling the line spacing. This can usually be found under the formatting tab. But it might be in a different place if you’re using a different text editor. Otherwise just hit enter again to get down to the next line. 

I switched my layout to landscape because my magnet sheets are 8 inches wide. I checked the ruler to make sure my words wouldn’t fall off but that I was still making the most of my magnet sheet. 

I usually make three magnets for each food. It’s good for if you’re planning a couple weeks instead of just a few days and if I lose one it’s not the end of the world. 

How to make your own meal plan magnets.
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Make sure your hands are clean and cut the extra white space from around the words, you don’t want to waste any of your magnet. Leave a little extra to cut off once it’s attached to the magnet, this prevents any sticky edges. 

Make your own meal plan magnets.

Peel back the film and stick your words as close to the edge as you can get them. I still have a couple inches of usable magnet so I’m going to leave the rest of the film there. 

Make your own meal plan magnets.

If you’re worried about smudging your magnets or getting them dirty you can put a piece of clear packing tape over the whole thing to keep it protected. It acts like lamination. If you’re going to let your kids help you meal plan this might be a good idea. 

How to make meal plan magnets.

Trim the ends of any overhanging paper and then cut in between each of your foods. Ta-Da! The possibilities really are endless what you can do with these. 

Make your own meal plan magnets.

How did this project work for you? Please leave a comment down below.

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