My Current Obsession – Burn Notice, Goldfish Crackers, and Knitting Hats

My Current Obsession

That’s right. We’re talking about things I’m obsessing over. Sometimes I’ll get something in my head and I just can’t get it out. Sometimes it’s tv, sometimes a book, or a project. Sometimes it’s something I found on Pinterest and now am obsessively researching.

So really this is sort of like Oprah’s favorite things. Only I’m not Oprah and I have nothing to give you for free.

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My current obsession: Burn Notice, Goldfish Crackers, and Knitting Hats

1. Burn Notice

Yep, I’m talking about the TV show from 2007 that you can stream on Netflix. I don’t know why I haven’t watched Burn Notice yet. I have a thing for quirky cop shows. I might have binge watched 8 episodes of this yesterday because I don’t have a life.

So basically it’s about a spy who gets dumped by the government. He is stuck in Miami. He can’t talk to any of his old contacts, they froze all of his accounts and he has people trying to kill him. His companions are his ex-girlfriend and a guy who is also snitching on him to the FBI. It turns into him doing odd jobs helping people out. It does get violent but it’s not particularly gory. It’s more hand to hand combat than guns. Though there are a lot of guns. I would say it’s comparable to Chuck, White Collar, Leverage, and Psych.

I watch television exclusively online though Netflix and Hulu. If it’s not available on either of those platforms then I just don’t watch it. I hope to one day add Amazon Prime but I can’t justify the cost right now. I’m saving my Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial for a time when I’m not too busy and I can really appreciate it. Also when I can make the most of the free 2-day shipping. So probably over the summer sometime. 

I use my Google Chromecast to stream Netflix and Hulu right from my iPhone. It’s amazing. My phone works as the remote making it super easy to switch between shows. 

2. Goldfish Crackers

I work in the cash office at Walmart and they let me have snacks. So I eat goldfish crackers, but the rainbow colored ones because I’m an adult. I eat half of the bag on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. They aren’t too salty and they don’t make a big dusty mess everywhere.

I’m sure my coworkers think I’m really weird because I just wander around on my break eating goldfish crackers.

3. Knitting Hats

I’ve recently gotten back into knitting. I’ve been trying to complete more of my half finished projects that are laying around Two of those were knitting projects. A hat and a scarf. Then I made another hat because I was so proud of myself. I used this pattern here. It was so easy even I could do it.

What are you obsessed with this week? 

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