Getting the Kittens Spayed and Neutered

The kittens are 6 months old now which means it’s time to get them fixed. I had Josh take them in early Tuesday morning because I had to work. They would get their surgeries and spend the night at the vet. The vet said we could pick them up any time the next day but Josh wanted to get there as soon as we possibly could to pick them up. He missed them a lot. 

So Pumpkin has her tummy shaved and Spectre is acting like his usual self. Maybe a little more needy than usual but he also didn’t see us for a day. 

So the vet recommends getting females spayed (Ovariohysterectomy) at around 6 months old before they go through a heat cycle. This process is the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus. It keeps your cat from getting pregnant and can prevent uterine infections and reduces the risk of mammary cancer. 

Normally my vet recommends getting male cats neutered at around 7-8 months but makes an exception when also getting a female cat spayed. This way they could both be together. This process is the surgical removal of the testes. It helps prevent him from getting other cats pregnant and it can prevent other unwanted behaviors. 

Both of our cats are doing fine and I don’t expect any problems during their recovery. They’ve spent most of the day sleeping and cuddling with each other. 

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