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Host a Sushi Party Without Breaking the Bank

I always feel super fancy whenever I eat sushi. It’s a delicacy reserved for rich people right? Not necessarily. If you make your own sushi you can save a ton of money and have some fun in the process. 

Host a sushi party without breaking the bank.


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One day I was binge watching Hell’s Kitchen on Hulu. They were doing a team challenge where they had to make a certain number of sushi rolls. It really didn’t look that hard. So I decided to look it up on the internet and see what I would need to be able to make sushi at home. 

At the time I was writing for so that’s where I decided to look first. (This was before Pinterest existed. Can you even imagine?)

So I found A Beginner’s Guide to Making Sushi. It had everything I needed to know about making sushi. I love this article. I keep coming back to it whenever I want sushi. 

I was a part of the anime club at my university and as a promotion, I decided to make a bunch of sushi to try to win over some prospective members. So I went to Walmart to see exactly what it would cost to make a bunch of sushi. (Note: I am a wimp and I’m scared to use real fish. The cost would be higher if you choose to buy fish.)

Guess what it cost me? TEN DOLLARS. For all the ingredients needed to make sushi. Including a huge bag of sugar, and a fairly large bag of regular rice. 


  • Sushi Rice (or you can just overcook some regular rice. It sounds terrible but it works.)
  • Nori – Seaweed Sheets (If you can’t find this at your grocery store you can buy it on Amazon) Note: Store leftover nori in an airtight container or it gets weird and chewy.
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Carrots

For a few dollars more you can add some delicious extras. 

  • Cream Cheese
  • Imitation Crab Snackers

Host a sushi party without breaking the bank


You need a few tools to make your sushi party successful. 

Rice Cooker: I strongly recommend a rice cooker, especially if you eat rice often. You just set it and forget it. Seriously, you shouldn’t even open the lid to check it while it’s cooking. Just let it do its thing. I have an Oster 3-cup rice cooker. It’s the smallest size you can get. It’s perfect for two people. (Note: Full capacity will result in 12 rolls using “Sushi Party” nori sheets which are half the size of regular nori sheets.)

A Really Sharp Knife: If you’re not using a super sharp knife the nori will tear and the stickiness of the rice will give you a squishy mess. Using a really sharp knife and cleaning it between slices ensures that your sushi looks restaurant quality.  I was living with my mother at the time and all of her knives are terrible and terribly dull. What’s a girl to do but order one on Amazon? So I bought this Stainless Steel Sushi Sashimi Knife. Best decision ever. It was the best knife I owned for a long time. After a few years of using it on everything it got a little dull and I gave it to my roommate when we parted ways. Now that I’m writing this I’m thinking about buying another one. 

Bamboo Rolling Mats: These are only necessary if you plan to make sushi a lot. You do not need these as a beginner. You can just use plastic wrap. Stack three layers of plastic wrap together and it becomes sturdy enough to roll your sushi. I actually find it easier to use plastic wrap than the mats. I bought some on Amazon because they’re pretty cheap and I make sushi often. This set comes with two mats, a rice paddle, and a spreader

Host a sushi party without breaking the bank

Sushi Party

You’ll want to get everything cut up ahead of time and spread out on a large counter. Well, everything but the avocado. Save that until the very end because it will go brown if it exposed to air too long. Since I own two rolling mats I find it easiest to have two stations with all the ingredients in between. I would make a roll while showing my friend how to as well. I would make sushi for anyone who didn’t want to do it themselves. 

To keep my rolling mats clean I would put a piece of plastic wrap on them. So my friends without any prompting from me just wrapped their roll tightly in the plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. This is a great idea but you should probably have a marker handy to label who’s sushi belongs to who. It’s good to refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes. I think it tastes better cold. But if people are impatient they can eat it right away. 

It’s fun because everyone can make their sushi roll however they like and put exactly what they want on it. It also gives a greater appreciation for why sushi is so expensive when you buy it at a restaurant. 

Host a Sushi Party Without Breaking the Bank

Are You Going to Host a Sushi Party?

Let me know in the comments. Or if you have any other advice feel free to share. I’m by no means an expert here. 

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