Make Your Own “Try Not To Sing Along” Challenge

The “Try not to sing along” challenge is my new favorite party game.It’s easy to play and everyone can enjoy it. You can even tailor the challenge to your specific group of friends. 

It will also prevent the habit of the conversation shutting down and everyone staring at their phone. It does shut the conversation down but you’re too busy staring down the friend that you think is going to sing to care. 

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Have you tried the "Try not to sing along" challenge?

According to the top hits in Google the most popular “try not to sing along” challenge videos were posted in January 2017. So I’m not too late to the game. Basically they string together a bunch of super catchy hit songs and you try not to sing along with them. It’s harder than you think. 

My friends and I got together for St. Patrick’s day weekend and I decided I wanted to try this game with them. They are all obsessed with music. In fact most of them had gone to the Panic at the Disco concert the weekend before. So I found a bunch of hit songs and strung them together in a youtube playlist. (Note: Some of these songs are specific to my friend group.)


Really you can create your own rules but the game basically goes in three rounds and each of the rounds can last for as many songs as you want. 

Round 1: You can hum or dance, but no singing. 

Round 2: You can dance but no humming or singing. 

Round 3. You cannot move at all. 

I put my playlist on shuffle but you could definitely work from easier songs to harder songs. My friends had a really hard time not singing and even I couldn’t help myself once or twice. 

The host of the party had a Google Chromecast for their tv. This made it super easy to just stream my youtube playlist directly to the television right from my phone. No fumbling around on a computer logging into my account or anything. It was all right there ready to go. The other great thing about using the Chromecast is that anyone in the room can add to the current playlist as long as they’re on the same wifi. This is what we normally do for parties. Everyone just adds what they want to hear and we create our own party mixes that way. 

You can also make the game slightly harder by choosing music videos with the lyrics on them. But this also might help your friends learn the words to the parts that they always hum through. A note of caution many current music videos are not the same as the song from the CD. So I recommend listening to the song to make sure nothing is weird about it or searching the title with the word “audio” to get a good clean version of the song. 

Think of the Possibilities

  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • Disney playlists
  • Country Music
  • Classic Rock
  • Oldies

If you find yourself singing to it then it will work for this game. 

I’ll be honest with you. We were playing this as a drinking game. (Take a drink everytime you end up singing along.) Which was awesome. There was also a lot of great nostalgia because most of our favorite were stuff we listened to in middle school and high school. Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears. 

When was the last time you didn't sing along to your favorite song on the radio? Try the "don't sing along" challenge.

So did you sing along or not?

Let me know what your friends/family think of this game. 

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